2013: “Wandering Minds” Sharon Arts Center, Peterborough, New Hampshire. Group Exhibit.

2012: Photovogue Exhibition for Vogue Italia, Milan, Italy. Group exhibit. The Artist’s Café, Haverhill, Massachusetts. Group Exhibit.

2010: Dynamite Sushi: Hudson, New Hampshire. Solo exhibit.

Permanent Collections

2012: Rochester Museum of Fine Art: Rochester, New Hampshire.

Publications & Book Covers

2019: If I Live by Terri Blackstock, Poland

                Tief im Wald by Peternelle van Arsdale, Germany

                La sirene qui fume by Benjamin Dierstein, France

2018: Om jag hittas by Terri Blackstock

                Om jag flyr by Terri Blackstock

                Om jag lever by Terri Blackstock

                The Magpies by Mark Edwards

                Zanim mnie znajda by Terri Blackstock

Onvindbaar  by Terri Blackstock

Ontsnapt by Terri Blackstock

Phonix by Michael Peinkofer, Germany

2017: Les Femmes Sont Des Guitares by Clemens J. Setz, France

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2016: Gingerbread House Literary Magazine, Issue 22, December 2016

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Ghost Lens App, IPhone and Android

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#flickr10, 10 year anniversay book

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The Smirk Magazine, Issue 2: Wild Huts, March 2011


2016: National Geographic/GoRving My Away USA Contest – Grand Prize

Artlevel Design Festival, Finalist, Ukraine

2013: Best Commercial Photographer Nominee, Boston Fashion Awards

2011: Honorable Mention, Artist Wanted: Power of Self 2011 contest

Lectures & Talks

2016: Macphun – Creative Photography Educational Video, Wilton, Maine – October

2015: New Jersey Photo Expo, Park Ridge, New Jersey – September

St. Mary's Academy, Portland, Oregon – December

2014: Photo Plus Expo rep. Vanguard Photo USA, New York City, New York – October

The Wild Ones Workshop Tour Sponsored by Flickr, Kingston Technology, Wacom, Vanguard USA, MILK Books, and HGST twelve workshops:

New York City – October 17 + 18

Washington, DC – October 11 + 12

Atlanta, Georgia – October 4 + 5

Los Angeles, California – September 13 + 14, 2014

San Franciso, California, Yahoo Headquarters – September 11

Portland, Oregon – September 6 + 7

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – August 23 + 24

Chicago, Illinois – July 26 + 27

Columbus, Ohio – July 23 + 24

Ann Arbor, Michigan – July 21 + 22

Toronto, Ontario, Canada – July 18 + 19

Boston, Massachusetts – July 11 + 12

2013: New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, New Hampshire – November 20

The Wild Ones Workshop Tour Sponsored by Flickr eight workshops:

New York City, New York – August 24

Washington, D.C. - August 20

Coca-Cola Headquarters, Atlanta, Georgia – August 16

Tampa, Florida – August 12

Dallas, Texas – August 5

Los Angeles, California – July 27

Portland, Oregon – July 19

2012: The Illawarra Christian School, Albion Park, New South Wales, Australia – April 30

New Hampshire Institute of Art, Manchester, New Hampshire – October 24

2017: Inflow Tourism Summit hosted by Inflow – Istanbul, Turkey/Antalya, Turkey

Experience Bucharest – Bucharest, Romania

2016: Inflow Tourism Summit hosted by Inflow – Istanbul, Turkey/Cappadocia, Turkey

2015: Sony Experience hosted by Sony – San Diego, California

Press Trips

2015: My Modern Metropolis – Contributing Writer – April 2015 - 2018

Edelman Digital - Mobile photographer for SamsungMobileUSA Instagram – January 2015 – April 2015

2013: Co-owner/Chairman of The Board – The Wild Ones Workshop Tour – April 2013 - April 2015

Guest Contributer/Writer for The Flickr Blog - July 2013 – November 2014


2013: Judge for The 12 Days of Flickr Photography Contest – Global contest held in the Flickr and Yahoo networks

2012: Florence and The Machine limited edition vinyl for single “Only If For A Night.”

Short film “Emerald Dream” by Leo Andronov