Mentoring Sessions 



An open and safe space to help answer all of your questions while taking a detailed look into how I run my business with examples of contracts, licenses, and releases for you to reference. If you are local to New England, we can host mentoring sessions at your home or a local coffee shop. International and long distance sessions will be held over UberConference or Skype where, from the comfort of your own home, we can have in depth discussions on topics of your choice! If we are focusing on post processing, you will be able to download files and follow along with each step via screen sharing. Sessions are only scheduled on weekends allowing my focus to be fully on mentoring without feeling rushed for time. 

Once you book your session using the checkout below, you will receive an email within 24 hours for scheduling. I do my absolute best to meet your scheduling needs.

Topic of your choice 

Post-processing in Lightroom

Post-processing in Photoshop

Contracts, model releases, the legal stuff

How to set up and run a workshop

Image licensing and stock agencies

Secrets of social media

Image theft

Acquiring sponsors

Becoming a social media influencer

Portfolio review

Copyrighting your images

Understanding your Mac



$75 an hour with a 3 hour a day maximum.  Every session starts with a complimentary get to know you 20 minutes and is ended with a complimentary 10 minutes for any last questions you may have. You have your choice of 1 topic per hour or if you prefer we can dedicate your time to cover only 1 topic, the choice is yours.

Two Day Special: This special is an intensive three hour a day weekend class giving you full access to both my editing and business allowing you your choice of four topics.